Review: Rascal Vibrating P-Spot Kit

If you haven't found your prostate yet, go find it!

The Rascal Vibrating P-Spot Kit is an excellent set of sex toys for ass play. (Or as I like to call it: happy butt fun time.) The kit comes with two moderate sized toys: a p-spot massager and a butt-plug, both of which vibrate and is controlled by a remote that is also included. My wife and I did plenty of sexual experimentation with these sex toys. You know- all in the name of science, and whatnot. This review is a result of our personal research results.

We bought this kit from, it was inexpensive and the shipping was reasonably priced and fast.

These things are made with a very smooth phthalate free material, so just a little bit of lube is needed to get these toys wildly slippery and ready to go. Unfortunately the kit only comes with one controller- however; you can plug both toys into it at once!

These toys can vibrate like nobody’s business. They have five vibrating settings labeled low to super, and the super setting really is super. Do you remember playing with super soakers, that compared to other squirt guns seemed to have the super power to make you wet? Well so does this setting. When one of these sex toys (on super) is in her ass it’s like her whole vagina is vibrating! Quite the neat trick. Or if it’s in my ass, she can feel it through my penis. And when both of us have one of these sex toys (on super) in our asses: explosion! In all seriousness, the strongest setting on this thing might be too much for some. It is so strong it seems to relieve lower back pain when it’s lodged up there, shaking away, but that’s just me. (Batteries not included, uses 2 AA)

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