Natural Family Planning, Naturally Makes Sex Better

Sex nearly everyday? You bet.

That is… for anyone who is going to have good old fashioned penis-in-vagina sex.

Natural Family Planning just feels better. And here’s why:

Condoms prevent disease, prevent pregnancy, and remove sensation. If removing sensation just to last longer under the sheets is your goal, then condoms are for you. Hooray for not having to think for yourself, or do any research, right?

Women are only fertile for a short period of time (a few days) during the entire month! So therefore condoms are not needed to prevent pregnancy. Mind blowing, isn’t it?
You could be having mind-blowing condom free sex nearly every day with your gal, but you’re not. Why? (The condom companies couldn’t possible have a say in it, could they? Hm.)

Condoms are great at preventing disease. And this is a very real purpose for condom use, to prevent disease. But, that’s about all they’re good for.

Sex without condoms (male or female style condoms), feels better. Let’s not lie about this… It feels better, and you know it. It feels better for everyone involved. Some women do not enjoy the feeling of having a man deploy his soldiers inside of her, (caraaaaaazy!) but some women do.

Know your body. Why should doctors have all the fun?

I think more women would prefer it if they were more comfortable with the idea. All guys- who are being honest with themselves, prefer playing ready-aim-fire deep inside the vagina jungle. Natural Family Planning (also known as fertility awareness) allows us guys the freedom of knowing when our ladies are ovulating. Then we can use a condom for a day or three. But the rest of the time? It’s bareback or GTFO people!

(Granted, this is geared more towards couples in a long term relationship.)

Different types of birth control allow for us guys to put our baby batter in the easy bake oven with minimum risk of pregnancy. However, these other forms of birth control can have some serious risks. Watching commercials for these things can be just about hilarious. I have actually heard the phrase “in rare cases can cause blood clots that lead to death.”

Well, happy day! We can feed women a pill, slap a patch on her, put weird creams in her, or give her a shot that will minimize the risk of pregnancy… but might kill them. Or give them headaches, weight gain, nausea, breast tenderness, mood changes, bleeding between periods…. and the list goes on to include many strange things like bone loss. Not to mention the long term effects that are not really known for most of these pills and rings and patches and creams and shots. Brr!

Healthy means not sterilizing our bodies, when there is nothing to sterilize.

Early birth control pills have shown to cause some permanent fertility issues. Depo-Provera (the shot) is sometimes used to chemically castrate males!  The effects of having a child while on these products are not thoroughly known, but I would guess they would be bad. Oh and diaphragms… Isn’t that just awkward?

There are some surgical means to prevent pregnancy. Most notably: vasectomy, hysterectomy, tubal ligation, and intrauterine devices (IUD’s). Along with all of the standard risks of surgery these surgeries should always be considered irreversible. A hysterectomy is always irreversible, with other surgical means it is intended that they be reversible, but they are not consistently, and they are usually much more expensive to have reversed.

We don’t know what we want in the future, and in the future if you want kids and might not be able to have them because of a surgery you had- well that sucks! Sorry and stuff.

I mean, come on. When did pregnancy become a disease? We have all of these companies telling us that we don’t know how to keep from getting pregnant, when techniques like The Billings Method are right here on the internet! At our very fingertips!

How NFP works: You monitor fertility and practice periodic abstinence. (Those two or three days where she gets really hot.) Yeah, that means you too guys. It’s practical. You don’t want your woman who’s baby-crazy lying to you about when she isn’t fertile, right? Better to keep on top of that!

Dry Days, and Infertile Days are all good to go! No limits!

There are a bunch of different methods to do this. One method is buying a machine to monitor hormone levels, to do most of the work for you; in the long run it will be cheaper than other forms of birth control.

My wife and I do not have a machine; we use the cervical mucus monitoring method. Cervical mucus is a very consistent indicator of fertility. There are other indicators: body temperature, hormone levels, cervical position and even electrical conductivity of saliva.

Here’s a tip: If your woman is really wanting it recently, be extra careful. She is probably ovulating. Of course, you could easily check yourself, or have her check. Again, it takes two. I am always asking my wife about her cervical mucus, because I want to know when we can safely hop back in the sack for some unbridled fun time.

Did you know that there is a mucus plug up there in the cervix for most of the month? And it only isn’t there when she’s ovulating, or having her lady-time.

Oh. And if you’re one of those guys who knows nothing about anatomy, and thinks that your penis is going into her uterus when you have sex…. Just go and slap yourself at least once for me.

It goes: vaginal opening, vaginal canal (or the fun-time tunnel), cervix (=barrier. the opening is smaller than a pea. Your penis will NEVER go past this into the uterus. NEVER. This is the “end” that you may feel.), then uterus.

This guy just learned about all the great sex he'll be having with NFP.

According to the Couple to Couple League, an organization dedicated to NFP education, NFP can be 99% effective and mixing various methods increases the effectiveness. Other birth control methods can boast high effectiveness as well. Some are less effective than others, and none of them -but complete all-the-time boring abstinence- is 100% effective.

My wife and I have been using NFP to avoid having children for a year now and it is working wonderfully for us. Not only does sex feel better, but there are other benefits as well. We treasure and take advantage of the nights when we are, as I put it, “cleared for blast off” and we have learned to enjoy the nights when we are to be abstinent. I am telling you- knowing that you can’t makes you want it more! And makes it all that much more rewarding when you finally get some. We probably would have never started a sex toy website, if we had not started NFP.

So you may be asking why we would be promoting NFP when we sell condoms and such? Won’t that negatively affect sales? Well it will negatively affect sales of birth control stuff, but this is fine with us. Because, statistically those who use NFP have a lot more sex than those that don’t, anyway. And more sex equals more sex toys. 😉

Think about it.
No more “headache” excuses, because sex fixes headaches.
No more PMS, because sex fixes your hormones. (For a while.)
No more worrying about “if it’s okay”. If she’s infertile, then she’s infertile! Go for it!

It's easier than you think.

There are so many benefits to practicing Natural Family Planning. Do the research, and even if you don’t feel comfortable starting anytime soon, at least start tracking her cycles. Maybe you can try after a few months of charting, planning, and communication.

Good luck, and remember: Statistically, I get more sex than you do. 😉

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