Review: Rascal Vibrating P-Spot Kit

If you haven't found your prostate yet, go find it!

The Rascal Vibrating P-Spot Kit is an excellent set of sex toys for ass play. (Or as I like to call it: happy butt fun time.) The kit comes with two moderate sized toys: a p-spot massager and a butt-plug, both of which vibrate and is controlled by a remote that is also included. My wife and I did plenty of sexual experimentation with these sex toys. You know- all in the name of science, and whatnot. This review is a result of our personal research results.

We bought this kit from, it was inexpensive and the shipping was reasonably priced and fast.

These things are made with a very smooth phthalate free material, so just a little bit of lube is needed to get these toys wildly slippery and ready to go. Unfortunately the kit only comes with one controller- however; you can plug both toys into it at once!

These toys can vibrate like nobody’s business. They have five vibrating settings labeled low to super, and the super setting really is super. Do you remember playing with super soakers, that compared to other squirt guns seemed to have the super power to make you wet? Well so does this setting. When one of these sex toys (on super) is in her ass it’s like her whole vagina is vibrating! Quite the neat trick. Or if it’s in my ass, she can feel it through my penis. And when both of us have one of these sex toys (on super) in our asses: explosion! In all seriousness, the strongest setting on this thing might be too much for some. It is so strong it seems to relieve lower back pain when it’s lodged up there, shaking away, but that’s just me. (Batteries not included, uses 2 AA)

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Natural Family Planning, Naturally Makes Sex Better

Sex nearly everyday? You bet.

That is… for anyone who is going to have good old fashioned penis-in-vagina sex.

Natural Family Planning just feels better. And here’s why:

Condoms prevent disease, prevent pregnancy, and remove sensation. If removing sensation just to last longer under the sheets is your goal, then condoms are for you. Hooray for not having to think for yourself, or do any research, right?

Women are only fertile for a short period of time (a few days) during the entire month! So therefore condoms are not needed to prevent pregnancy. Mind blowing, isn’t it?
You could be having mind-blowing condom free sex nearly every day with your gal, but you’re not. Why? (The condom companies couldn’t possible have a say in it, could they? Hm.)

Condoms are great at preventing disease. And this is a very real purpose for condom use, to prevent disease. But, that’s about all they’re good for.

Sex without condoms (male or female style condoms), feels better. Let’s not lie about this… It feels better, and you know it. It feels better for everyone involved. Some women do not enjoy the feeling of having a man deploy his soldiers inside of her, (caraaaaaazy!) but some women do.

Know your body. Why should doctors have all the fun?

I think more women would prefer it if they were more comfortable with the idea. All guys- who are being honest with themselves, prefer playing ready-aim-fire deep inside the vagina jungle. Natural Family Planning (also known as fertility awareness) allows us guys the freedom of knowing when our ladies are ovulating. Then we can use a condom for a day or three. But the rest of the time? It’s bareback or GTFO people!

(Granted, this is geared more towards couples in a long term relationship.)

Different types of birth control allow for us guys to put our baby batter in the easy bake oven with minimum risk of pregnancy. However, these other forms of birth control can have some serious risks. Watching commercials for these things can be just about hilarious. I have actually heard the phrase “in rare cases can cause blood clots that lead to death.”

Well, happy day! We can feed women a pill, slap a patch on her, put weird creams in her, or give her a shot that will minimize the risk of pregnancy… but might kill them. Or give them headaches, weight gain, nausea, breast tenderness, mood changes, bleeding between periods…. and the list goes on to include many strange things like bone loss. Not to mention the long term effects that are not really known for most of these pills and rings and patches and creams and shots. Brr!

Healthy means not sterilizing our bodies, when there is nothing to sterilize.

Early birth control pills have shown to cause some permanent fertility issues. Depo-Provera (the shot) is sometimes used to chemically castrate males!  The effects of having a child while on these products are not thoroughly known, but I would guess they would be bad. Oh and diaphragms… Isn’t that just awkward?

There are some surgical means to prevent pregnancy. Most notably: vasectomy, hysterectomy, tubal ligation, and intrauterine devices (IUD’s). Along with all of the standard risks of surgery these surgeries should always be considered irreversible. A hysterectomy is always irreversible, with other surgical means it is intended that they be reversible, but they are not consistently, and they are usually much more expensive to have reversed.

We don’t know what we want in the future, and in the future if you want kids and might not be able to have them because of a surgery you had- well that sucks! Sorry and stuff.

I mean, come on. When did pregnancy become a disease? We have all of these companies telling us that we don’t know how to keep from getting pregnant, when techniques like The Billings Method are right here on the internet! At our very fingertips!

How NFP works: You monitor fertility and practice periodic abstinence. (Those two or three days where she gets really hot.) Yeah, that means you too guys. It’s practical. You don’t want your woman who’s baby-crazy lying to you about when she isn’t fertile, right? Better to keep on top of that!

Dry Days, and Infertile Days are all good to go! No limits!

There are a bunch of different methods to do this. One method is buying a machine to monitor hormone levels, to do most of the work for you; in the long run it will be cheaper than other forms of birth control.

My wife and I do not have a machine; we use the cervical mucus monitoring method. Cervical mucus is a very consistent indicator of fertility. There are other indicators: body temperature, hormone levels, cervical position and even electrical conductivity of saliva.

Here’s a tip: If your woman is really wanting it recently, be extra careful. She is probably ovulating. Of course, you could easily check yourself, or have her check. Again, it takes two. I am always asking my wife about her cervical mucus, because I want to know when we can safely hop back in the sack for some unbridled fun time.

Did you know that there is a mucus plug up there in the cervix for most of the month? And it only isn’t there when she’s ovulating, or having her lady-time.

Oh. And if you’re one of those guys who knows nothing about anatomy, and thinks that your penis is going into her uterus when you have sex…. Just go and slap yourself at least once for me.

It goes: vaginal opening, vaginal canal (or the fun-time tunnel), cervix (=barrier. the opening is smaller than a pea. Your penis will NEVER go past this into the uterus. NEVER. This is the “end” that you may feel.), then uterus.

This guy just learned about all the great sex he'll be having with NFP.

According to the Couple to Couple League, an organization dedicated to NFP education, NFP can be 99% effective and mixing various methods increases the effectiveness. Other birth control methods can boast high effectiveness as well. Some are less effective than others, and none of them -but complete all-the-time boring abstinence- is 100% effective.

My wife and I have been using NFP to avoid having children for a year now and it is working wonderfully for us. Not only does sex feel better, but there are other benefits as well. We treasure and take advantage of the nights when we are, as I put it, “cleared for blast off” and we have learned to enjoy the nights when we are to be abstinent. I am telling you- knowing that you can’t makes you want it more! And makes it all that much more rewarding when you finally get some. We probably would have never started a sex toy website, if we had not started NFP.

So you may be asking why we would be promoting NFP when we sell condoms and such? Won’t that negatively affect sales? Well it will negatively affect sales of birth control stuff, but this is fine with us. Because, statistically those who use NFP have a lot more sex than those that don’t, anyway. And more sex equals more sex toys. 😉

Think about it.
No more “headache” excuses, because sex fixes headaches.
No more PMS, because sex fixes your hormones. (For a while.)
No more worrying about “if it’s okay”. If she’s infertile, then she’s infertile! Go for it!

It's easier than you think.

There are so many benefits to practicing Natural Family Planning. Do the research, and even if you don’t feel comfortable starting anytime soon, at least start tracking her cycles. Maybe you can try after a few months of charting, planning, and communication.

Good luck, and remember: Statistically, I get more sex than you do. 😉

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“Thinking Away Libido”

“Thinking Away Libido


male libido, sex toys, sextoypalace, prostate massagers

Are you thinking away your libido?

Turns out the brain plays a big part in what we’ll call “sexy time”. Reaching orgasm isn’t as simple as just a little bit of rubbing here and a little bit of thrusting there. Psychological factors can be the sole reason for some of the biggest sexual issues men and women face. Inability to orgasm (anorgasmia), erectile dysfunction, and loss of libido are the three major sexual issues that I would wager most of us have faced at least once.

We all know that thinking about something unpleasant can turn us off when we’re inconveniently turned on. Say you have to stand up to give a presentation after Jameson is done with her big presentation to the board. But there is just one problem…. You’ve got a boner. Step one is take your eyes off her rack and stop thinking about bending her over the table and showing her what you think of her market quarter. In this moment there is no greater problem in the world than your unwanted boner. So, perhaps you think to yourself: hot-sweaty-gross-looking-old-boss-man-naked-covered-in-chocolate. As long as you’re not into your boss sexually, your boner will go down, and the crisis will be averted. It’s a well known fact that even in the heat of the moment; at least most of us can think away our libido.

Thinking away libido can unfortunately last longer than just a moment. Negative body image and lack of self-esteem in general can kill our sex drives. How we view our self or our partners can really take all the fun out of it.

Fault is a word to avoid when investigating a loss of sex drive. Because there can be and usually is a number of contributing factors. A diminished or lost libido can be the side effects of drugs and medications, and can be caused by a myriad of medical problems. Proper diet and trying to stay in good health can help prevent these kinds of sexual issues. Proper mental health can help prevent sexual dysfunction as well.


male sex doll, love doll, blow up doll, erectile dysfunction, cure for ED

The woman wants your body, NOT your insecurities.

Sometimes when it comes to sex it’s best to think of our bodies as plastic blow-up dolls. Totally removing you as a being, from yourself, as an object, can really help you get into the moment and can allow for some much better sex. This technique is an ‘in the moment’ tactic that can really help. I have personally gone past this, I think of my body as an object. My thoughts, my feelings, the things I know, the opinions I have about all of these things- are me. My body is not me. Because my body can and will change. (Due to weight loss/gain, age, etc.)

I think of my body as a tool. One of my favorite tools is the hammer. Hammers are for nailing, banging and the occasional tapping. Who cares what a hammer looks like if it gets the job done? My ass-ne (ass acne) is merely a little paint on the handle, my stretch marks and fat are a little tape to improve grip. Indeed all of my physical imperfections I can think of as characteristics of a hammer, that simply make a perfectly good, working hammer- unique looking.

There is a vicious cycle that starts with loss of sex drive, and can lead to inability to attain orgasm and or erectile dysfunction. These other more serious problems feed the loss of libido beast, and the cycle of ‘no sexy fun time’ continues. But does this cycle of ‘no sexy fun time’ have to exist at all? You could talk to your doctor or therapist and try and destroy the cycle. Or you could simply choose to have ‘sexy fun time’ despite the cycle.

ED, erectile dysfunction, sex toys, penis pumps, herbal sex supplementsAnorgasmia, inability to orgasm- is a problem that affects both sexes and all sexualities. For some, sex can be painful (in a bad way) due to medical issues. These people should definitely talk to their doctors; the solution might be as simple as use lube or take a pill. For some people exercise can eliminate anorgasmia. For others talking with a therapist can restore their ability to have orgasm. It is also not impossible that a person who is capable of sex is incapable of orgasm. I say if sex feels good at all, keep doing it until you get that evasive orgasm! Or simply do it because it feels good even if you don’t have an orgasm.

Many women report not consistently having an orgasm due to sex. Depending on the source the number can be as high as 75%. Men freak out when the women that they are having sex with don’t have an orgasm. It makes us feel inadequate. This is a reason many women fake it, but did you know that faking it can prevent an actual orgasm? I am very anti-faking it. My wife does not fake it, and I don’t want her to. It is natural as thinking of orgasm as something that one person gives to another. Sorry to say it, but no. When you are having sex, you are facilitating the *possibility* of orgasm for yourself and your partner.

There is no guaranteed method to always have an orgasm, so therefore why worry about having an orgasm all of the time? There are however countless techniques, many of which have been proven to increase the frequency of orgasm. There are medical techniques that you can talk with a doctor about. But there are many which have nothing to do with a doctor. Solitary and mutual masturbation, foreplay, and plain ‘ol variety have been shown to increase the frequency and intensity of orgasm during sex. Being in better health can do this too. Healthy = Good. Try things, look things up! In my opinion just putting in the effort is the best way to start.


foreplay techniques, sexual confidence, ED treatments

Many men underestimate foreplay, and miss out on A LOT.

Erectile Dysfunction, ED, floppy cock, limp noodle, broke dick; there really is no happy way to say it…….. droopy dong. And let’s face it- guys, we have faced this at least once. Ladies if a guy tells you he has never come early, or not been able to perform, he is a liar. It happens to ALL men at least once. So if it hasn’t happened yet, it will. Sooner or later. It doesn’t have to be permanent, or mean that something is wrong with you. Sometimes it’s best to just keep trying, and lengthen the time of foreplay. It will benefit the both of you. Sometimes when you come early it is best to just go for a second round, if at first you don’t succeed try, try again. The fear of ED, the fear of it alone, can cause it. Seriously! As Viagra proved, sometimes it is a physical thing. ED is caused by many things and can be an indicator of more serious issues, thus consistent ED should be talked about with your doctor.

Wake up guys, we are not immune to “girly” things like body issues, and feelings. We beat ourselves up too; we are just as capable of emotion. Not dealing with body issues or other forms of depression, can cause ED.


penis pumps, sex toys, male sex toys, masterbation sleeves

Sex toys are for men too, you know.

Okay. Let’s pretend like once in every great while, us guys are a one minute wonder, or get a case of droopy dong. So now what? How do we react? I bet more than a few of us have heard/said “sorry babe” and then that’s the end of the night. Maybe some snuggling, or even some light making fun of ourselves, and crying. Well should it be the end of the night? No way! Your fingers aren’t broke, your tongue is still working, and if don’t feel like using either of those two things: There is a sex toy for that: Focus more on pleasing your woman, and who knows? Maybe your ‘little soldier’ will feel like marching into battle! And if he doesn’t? Force him to with toys, pumps, pills, or enough sexual innuendo to make Jenna Jameson blush! Whatever you do, don’t give up!

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Sex

Three Healthy Cheers for Sex

sexual health, health benefits of sex, sex toys

The next wonder drug may not be that far off or that far away, in fact it might be here already. But it’s not a drug, a vitamin, an herb or even some new weird Amazonian berry: it’s sex. People have been making outlandish claims about the health effects of sex, both good and bad. I have memories of being told that if I masturbated too much I would grow hair on the back of my hands as thick as the hair on my head. I had a buddy in high school that used to tell his girlfriends that his cum would clean their teeth better than toothpaste.

Because of all of the non-sense that is out there, I am (like many people) hesitant to believe what everything I hear about the health benefits of sex. But some things in life are hard to argue against, and I’ve found that one of those things is modern science. I recently read an article on the subject, and it made me want some sexual healing.

The Top 10 Health Benefits of Sex:

1. Sex relieves stress, and lowers blood pressure. They did a study in the UK, and people who were more sexually active had a lower blood pressure response to stress.

2. Sex bolsters immunity. We’ve all heard of vitamin C; what about vitamin sex. Maybe we should be taking some vitamin sex with our multi-vitamin every morning. The thing actually studied was immunoglobulin A or IgA, which is an antibody. Antibodies equal Awesome.

3. Sex burns calories;’s article said that a thirty minute session burns 85 calories or more. They did not describe the nature of the sex that burns 85 calories, so I’m assuming the statement meant that nice, passionate, but slow love-making would burn 85 calories. Therefore for no scientific reason – but it makes sense in my head – follow me- stair-master, driving faster, math blaster; harder, better, faster, stronger sex; equals more calories.

4. Sex improves cardiovascular health. The UK report was a study on guys, but yeah I would bet a hot dollar that it improves the cardiovascular health of women as well. Having sex more than twice a week cuts the chance of having a fatal heart attack in half! Well huzzah for that.

5. Sex brings-up self-esteem, this is a reason I have sex: I feel better about myself afterwards. I often have for the sport of it; see how hard I can rock her world. It takes a lot more time and effort, but wow is it worth it. My wife loves it, is very appreciative and I feel like I just “got some” on the top of Mt. Everest: accomplished.

sexual health, health benefits of sex, top 10

6. Sex improves intimacy, by releasing the hormone oxytocin. Sex, through this hormone will encourage an urge to bond and nurture. I call this phenomenal want to cuddle thing (because of the afterglow) “snuggle rage.” Yep. I just made that term up. Feel free to use it in bed.

7. Sex reduces pain. Another neat side-effect of the release of oxytocin, as well as endorphins, is pain relief. Thus your headache or cramps get better after sex. (No more headache excuse, because YOU have the cure.)

8. Sex lowers your chances of getting prostate cancer. The study showed that frequent ejaculations, more than 21 times a month, lowers the risk of prostate cancer.You can also stimulate the prostate using anal toys made specifically for men from websites such as

9. Sex strengthens the muscles you need to not pee yourself, also known as the pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises work these muscles, a simple one is flex like you are trying to stop the flow of your urine. Do this a few times a day, and you will see a dramatic increase in the intensity of your orgasms. This works for both men and women!

10. Sex helps you sleep. The oxytocin released during orgasm (in addition to the other cool stuff), helps us sleep.

So in conclusion: three healthy cheers for sex! Huzzah, Huzzah and… (Oh yeah baby, that’s how I like it.) –Huzzah!

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What’s in My Ass?

What’s in My Ass?


Male Prostate, Anal Dildo, Prostate Massage

Confused About What's In Your Ass?


So the number one obvious answer is poop, because… well… everybody poops. Men, women, man-whores, she-males, he-shes, big burly bear power tops, and dainty little Asian women. All of them and more, because everybody poops. But to really answer the question: What’s in my ass? We have to consider a few things: did I put anything in my ass? Did anyone else put anything in my ass? Is there a magic butt-virginity troll living in my ass guarding it from any foreign object that might find its way up there? What was up there to begin with?

If my wife had her way she would put something in my ass. She often jokes about forcing herself onto/into me with a with a big black strap-on dildo. To this I reply: “What would your black friends say about the dildo being black?” Then she’ll say something like “Oh the dildo doesn’t have to be black, it could be hot pink or purple.” I once told her that the dildo should be green as I’m an Irishman. But anyway I digress, back to the topic. What could possibly be in me bum-bum?

Well let’s just go right out and say it: a prostate. This bad boy is important for a few reasons but the only one we ever hear about involves a medical procedure to check for cancer. The prostate makes some of the fluid that compiles the cum-drum cocktail called ejaculate. All organs have a function and this one helps make baby gravy. The prostate has a second function and that is: sexual pleasure machine. So how depressing is it that the only thing we hear about the prostrate is prostate cancer is bad. Well no shit prostate cancer is bad, because skin cancer any other type of cancer, even testicular cancer is bad.

anal toys, prostate massage, prostate health, sex toys

I think one of the biggest reason guys are afraid of exploring the prostate for pleasure is fear itself. Two big cancers are all over everywhere. Frankly awareness is nice, but dammit fear-mongering is annoying. Women! Be afraid of boobs! Hate your boobs! But show us your boobs, and lets us touch your boobs, because your boobs are just objects that get cancer. Well the fear-mongering for prostate cancer is not even this complex. It is simply: Inside your ass there is something you know nothing about that is just dying to turn you gay or kill you dead.

Because from a very young age society has been teaching me, as a male, to hate two things with as much intensity as I can muster: my ass-hole and weakness.

Why do you think that so many heterosexual men are afraid of gay guys or even hate gay guys, but then turn around and say something akin to “But lesbians are okay.” ??? These heterosexuals (as their closeted self-hating selves call themselves), feel this way for two reasons. Reason one – because the female form is freaking fantastic and two or more of these freaking fantastic female forms fondling, well that is just the bee’s knees to anyone who is even the least bit a heterosexual male. The only lesson from this is “Oh yeah, that’s nice. That’s very nice. Now smell her a little.”

anal toy, prostate, sex toys for men, massage

Oh and wake-up call, we are all a cocktail of sexuality. Really guys? Do you honestly think you could lovingly stroke your johnson so many times for your entire masturbatory history without lusting for your own man body a little? And correct me if I am wrong but isn’t lusting for a man’s body gay? Remember: it is okay to be confused, especially when it comes to sex stuff.

Let’s bring it back to what is obviously in your ass: poop. Poop is dirty, particularly human poop, other people’s poop- holy crap gross, but our own poop: that is really gross too, right? Well I will let people have their opinions on this matter, but let’s look at some facts. Poop has bacteria and viruses in it therefore there are some legit safety concerns with poop. Other people’s poop has other people’s germs. If you don’t want these germs then proceed with caution. With any kind of sex involving strangers: USE A CONDOM.

I personally do not ever use a condom when having sex with my wife; we deeply love and trust each other. We practice natural family planning to avoid having children. I will write about NFP in the future. I think of my wife as unnaturally clean, her body is clean no matter what.

However. I never go ass to pussy. The reason for this is you can give her an infection. It is best sometimes to think of the pussy as a rainforest: beautiful and mysterious, but with a fragile ecosystem. I would not doubt that this can be done as long as it is cleaned up properly, but I imagine it would be extremely difficult to do.

Because I’m not afraid of her ass and putting things in her ass, earlier today 10/25/2010, I issued myself a challenge: find out what massaging the prostate in my ass is all about. So I looked it up: I read medical papers, I read blogs, I followed forums and in the end, I was persuaded to try it. I’d tickled my ass-hole before, and been unimpressed; I had stuck a finger up there before and been unimpressed. I honestly wasn’t expecting to be impressed.

I didn’t really want to be impressed, because I told myself that if I was impressed then I would have to let my wife massage my prostate as well. For some reason the thought of my wife massaging my prostate scared me, and still does a little.

But wow do I look forward to overcoming that fear. Because if doing that by myself turned out to be that good I can only imagine how great it would be to have her massage my prostate as she goes down on me. I am already not afraid of having a P-spot massaging butt-plug in while we do it. I can’t wait to feel that.

I used a lot of lube and took a hot shower before to relax and after to clean-up. I’ve had orgasms that blow this one out of the water, but only when having sex with my wife. I have never had an orgasm that even comes close to that from regular masturbating. I rarely masturbate as it is, because, well, why eat a hamburger when a steak is available?: I would much prefer having sex over masturbation. And frankly if you don’t prefer sex over masturbation, then in my book you are doing sex wrong.

There are two ways to get at the prostate: the first does not involve any anal insertion and the second does.

Method one: Massage behind the balls, between the balls and the anus. You will have to experiment to figure out exactly where to press as we are all built a little different. I have had some real success with this method, but I find that I have to press really hard to experience any benefit because there is a lot of flesh between the prostate and where I am pressing.

Method two: reach towards the penis inside the rectum. It varies how deep, but it’s not very far (1-4 inches in). You are going to have to stick something in there to find it (make sure it is something sterile) I found mine started around 2-2.5 inches deep. I was able to get at mine with my middle finger. -Use lube. The prostate is about the size of a large nut and when you find it you can feel it. I encourage you to not just stop at finding it. Massage it for a few minutes. Stroke your penis at the same time if you want. Different strokes for different folks, but damm method two was better for me.

In conclusion: as of today, I no longer hate my ass-hole. I feel liberated.


Three cheers for massaging the prostate.

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Religion and Sex Toys: Do They Mix?

Why Are Adult Toys So Taboo For Most Devout Catholics And Christians?

Married couples should not feel ashamed using adult toys.Adult toys have been around for awhile. Some of the earlier ones from around 2,500 years ago, when the Egyptians were at the height of their rule. So why the continuing controversy?

You would think that as a species, we would have simply accepted their use by now. But no. We like to keep things complicated.

Unfortunately for most devout Catholics and Christians, the decision to employ “marital aids” in the bedroom can be an extremely difficult one. Plenty of moral dilemmas can arise from the misuse of these toys. These problems can include: Fetishism, Masturbation, Selfishness, and Lack of Respect for One’s Partner. -To name a few.

But if we can avoid these problems, and use adult toys to the benefit of our marriages, then where is the issue? The issue lies with the fact that at a certain point, the individual is responsible for what he/she chooses to do in the bedroom. And a lot of spiritual leaders just don’t trust us lowly masses to make the right decision.

Add to that the under-education of the everyday person on sex toy Do’s and Dont’s, and you get the kind of abiding ignorance that nothing can change, save for an honest interest in doing some independent research on the subject. In other words, this taboo is passed down from generation to generation, without anyone stopping to ask the question, “Why do we believe this?”

The Do’s and Don’ts of Adult Toys for the Morally Inclined

Talk with your priest about using sex toys in the bedroom.The Vatican has been reluctant to approach the subject of marital aids in the bedroom until fairly recently. For many Christians, there is a strong belief that the Bible speaks out against adult toys, but this could not be farther from the truth.

Catholic Married couples ARE allowed to use sex toys in foreplay. (And foreplay only.) AS LONG AS they are using them with the goal of the marital act in mind. So, as long as you ‘finish’ together, i.e. complete the union or marital act with procreation in mind, (or using natural family planning) then using sex toys during foreplay is permissible. They are NOT sinful when used in the context of marriage.

Sex toys may not be used after intercourse, or used alone for selfish sexual gratification. (Singular masturbation.)

Do: Use adult toys in foreplay only.
Do: Aim to achieve orgasm at roughly the same time.
Do: Discuss marital aids with your partner. Be clear on what, when, how, and why you wish to use marital aids.
Do: Talk to your priest or spiritual adviser if you feel that you have come across a moral dilemma.

Don’t: Use adult toys by yourself, to hurt your partner, or with someone other than your partner.
Don’t: Become attached to the toys, develop fetishes, or degrade yourself or your partner with marital aids.
Don’t: Develop a lustful attitude, and forget what the marital union is all about: Love.

Some fanatics will insist that the female orgasm is not necessary to complete the marital union. However, if the creation of new life is the goal always kept in mind, then it is imperative that both parties finish at the same time.

Some women can take between 20-30 minutes to achieve orgasm, where as the average male only takes 5-10. Now that’s a pretty big gap, don’t you think?
This is where the toys come in. The woman may use the toy to bring her closer to orgasm at the same time as her partner.

Why? Because not only is the male orgasm needed to send the sperm in the right direction, but the female orgasm is also just as vitally needed to usher that sperm into the womb.

Just take your time, always include your partner in the decision making process, and most of all have fun.

A good place to start is

This is a website with many toys to choose from, and a lot of fun can be had simply surfing the site with your partner. Take your time, talk with your partner, talk with your spiritual adviser, and most of all trust your heart.

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